BEAR FAMILY – My Bear Jeff


Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it took a big, bear family to make My Bear Jeff happen! These individuals backed our Kickstarter and chose a qualifying level to be part of the bear family!

Cohen Dent Repair (Daniel & Bethany C.)              Denise M.              Jack J.


Naomi C.

Nicole J.

Ed & Pris C.

Shannon H.

Jessica P.

Ken & Anna H.

Matt D.

Ryan W.

Rob T.

Michael S.

Abby B.

Robert S.

Cati W.

Chris & Hilary B.

Larry W.

Sid M.

Willie C.

Austin S.

David N.

Diane B.

Marcus K.

Isaac & Rachel C.

Nate J.

Terri R.

Chad E.

Caroyln P.

Claire S.

Karla I.

Matt D.

Jen H.

Brian K.

Jennifer B.

Casey R.

Phil & Gina C.

Sagrie G.

Jeff C.

Donald H.

Scott A.

Linda R.

Joshua L.

Thelma B.

Mark D.

Grace H.

Danielle W.

Bianca S.

Luke C.

Jim W.

Kathy L.

Nkem O.

Julie M.

Heather D.

April P.

Laura M.

Staci H.

Bryan G.

Katja P.

Thomas S.

Kelsey M.

Rachel S.

Caitlin T.

Shannon T.

Ramona N.

Mary G.

Noah C.

Hanna W.

Molly W.

Elaina B.

Steve C.

Rhea B.

Chio H.

Stephanie R.

Anthony L.

Delaney R.

Stan & Tracy N.

Bradi O.

Brook T.

Morty M.

Nicole K.

Jessica J.

Vicki F.

Mike H.

Angela K.

Joe Z.

Arla N.

Josh & Oliva C.

Graham R.

Colette W.

Taylar R.

Angel M.

Lyndsey G.

Anoop C.

Lydia S.

Rene V.

Julia H.

Brandon J.

Jon R.

Krista T.

Pat F.

Anne S.

Tia R.

Sarah D.

Tina S.

Lori Ann O.

Kelley D.

Stephen W.

Dustin A.

Katie S.

Julia H.


Camille A.

Lisa R.

Alison G.

Frank K.

C. Costas Clare P.

Caden C.             Trevor C. 

Angel M., C3 International - Our manufacturer has given his resources and worked countless hours to make production seamless!

Chris B., Venture Legal - Our attorney has given of his time to get things in place for the legal side! Chris is outstanding!

Parker A. & Lucas S. - These guys absolutely killed it at creating our Kickstarter video and were fantastic to work with!

Thank you, bear family, for your incredible support!