OUR STORY – My Bear Jeff


Our founder, Rachel Cohen, created this company after a trip to Southeast Asia where she worked with children who dealt with extreme trauma every day. Having her own childhood trauma with health issues, she knew she had to do something to support these children. Teddy bears were a vital piece of her childhood and provided a sense of security, stability and comfort during the tough days. 

Coming back from her trip, she was searching for the answer to provide comfort and a sense of stability to these children. She started an Instagram with a gigantic teddy (Jeff) showing life from his perspective, mostly as a joke. People were hooked. Seeing the familiarity of comfort and joy it brought people and being reminded of how impactful teddy bears were for her own childhood, she came up with the idea of doing a buy one, give one teddy bear business model to support children going through trauma.

“Jeff” means peace, which is the gift we want to give each child no matter what they’re facing.

Since 2016, the progress for My Bear Jeff went from just an Instagram account with a gigantic bear to an idea concept to finding an outstanding manufacturing partner, creating a prototype, partnering up with excited nonprofits and launching a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019 to bring this idea to life!

To date, we have given away over 1000 teddy bears in our communities!

Children's Mercy Bear Drop