YOUR STORY – My Bear Jeff


We asked for your stories of how your stuffed friend impacted you growing up. We love all your stories!


Mr. Pookie
A couple years before my mom died, she put a velcro hanging monkey on me and my twin sister's daybed. It was such a nice surprise to see the monkey when we got home from school. My sister Britney and I fell in love with him right away--he had a half smile that made him look humble. I'm not sure how we came up with the name Mr. Pookie but it fit him so well. Mr. Pookie brought us so much joy--we would dance with him or just have him hanging off our neck. Britney even wrote a children's story about Mr. Pookie. We don't have Mr. Pookie anymore due to unfortunate circumstances but he will always be a warm memory in our hearts of our mother. My coworker painted a cute picture of Mr. Pookie that hangs on my bedroom wall. I recently found a monkey on ebay that looks similar to Mr. Pookie so I see it as my mom's gift from Heaven.

- Kristin P.


I traded a boy for a teddy at a garage sale. Neither my parents or his knew we had our own transactions going on but I loved that bear so hard lol. He's actually in our basement lol. That bear was my buddy thru all of the divorce stuff and bullying and stuff I went thru as a kid.

- Larissa U.


Charlie Horse
In the 3rd grade my dad started working for a company that required him to travel quite a bit. He called home one night from Oklahoma City and asked what I wanted him to bring home as a “souvenir” from his first business trip. Being a horse crazy 8 year old I immediately piped up, “I want a horse!” My dad, being incredible, went to the gift shop at the cowboy hall of fame and picked up an adorable Appaloosa stuffed animal with a turquoise necklace. “Charlie Horse” became my absolute best friend. When I started showing horses and traveling a lot myself, Charlie got to come with me. He’s been all over the country and when my son was born Charlie sat in a shelf in his room keeping an eye on things until he was old enough to be Cooper’s first stuffed animal. Now that my father has passed away I routinely sneak into my sons room and steal him for a quick hug, because comfort animals don’t stop being comfort animals just because we grow up. He might be a little tattered and have a hot-glued-on right eye, but I’ll always love Charles the Horse.

- Lyndsey


When I was very young, my twin sister and I got a Rudolph stuffed animal from my mom’s boss for Christmas. I loved animals growing up, so he was mostly mine and sometimes before I went to sleep at night, I would imagine he was alive because we had no pets. I would wish for a pet, but also acknowledge that I was totally content cuddling him at night. Flash forward to middle school, and we read The Velveteen Rabbit and our teacher had us bring our favorite childhood stuffed animals to school. We talked about why we loved them and it gave everyone a perspective on how small things can change trajectory or thought patterns. I appreciated the stuffed animal so much that I started sleeping with him in my room again and never quite stopped.

I just turned 30 and that stuffed animal is in my room right now, probably cuddling one of my (2) cats, dreaming of when she used to cuddle our family dog, which we did finally get when I turned 13. She's 17 now, and I’m so happy I have both her and Rudolph in my life for perspective.

- Meredith S.


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